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About PhaZZer Federal Supply

The Phazzer product line had been out for over 10 years.

Taser (now Axon Enterprises Inc) had sued virtually all competitors out of business. In July 2017, a federal district court in Florida ruled that Phazzer's weapon and cartridges, which are similar to Tasers (now called Axon), violated patents and trademarks. This knocked Phazzer out of the market as well. That court noted, however, that Taser's single-shot CEW (conductive electronic weapon) patent expired on Oct. 14, 2019. See Here After a 2 year wait and a cartridge redesign, Phazzer is back! Our company, Phazzer Federal Supply, is a supplier to various state, local, and federal agencies. We can supply the full Phazzer line. Our cartridges are compatible with Taser X26 and they, along with our Enforcer have beat out Taser X26 in tests. Phazzer Enforcer is used by hundreds of agencies across the US and the world as a safer, but more effective weapon compared to Taser. In 2019, Reuters reported 1,081 deaths related to Taser .
Guidelines by the Police Executive Research Forum state that 'exposure longer than 15 seconds to a taser, increases the risk of serious injury or death , especially when a Taser is deployed over and over again. Even the newer Taser X2, which has a lower charge, did not alleviate this problem. It was reported by Britain’s Scientific Advisory Committee it would lead officers to use alternative, potentially more injurious, forms of force since it has a lower charge . These deaths costs lives and taxpayers, who have recently paid a $5.2 million settlement for a Taser victim in Sacramento and $12 million to a victim in Michigan. By contrast, Phazzer delivers three powerful five-second electrical charges. Then the device shuts down Phazzer has no reported fatalities. If you are with a city, state, county, or federal agency, Call us at 1-775-971-8679 for a Demo kit to test and evaluate our product. Our Phazzer is also available for civilian use, but check with state/locals laws to see if you need a permit.

Hello & Welcome!

Phazzer has been providing safe but effective less lethal options for over 10 years. Call us for any questions, or a quote. You can also email your Purchase Order to support@phazzerfederal.com if you're a state, federal, or local agency.



[We also can arrange training sessions and/or send demo kits for a fee]

Why Choose Phazzer Federal Supply?

We have the best product

We have the best product on the market in the CEW world.

We’re Punctual

We have a fast turn-around time on most orders. We are sensitve to our clients' needs and meet deadlines.

We supply federal and state agencies

We are a federal and state supplier, as well. We can accept PO's from federal and state agenices, as well as payment cards.

We love our work

Everyone on our team loves what we do.

We’re responsible

We take our jobs and our duty to our client seriously.

We're Friendly

All of our team members have a passion for helping people, as well as our work. Each of us are approachable and personable.

What people say?

Phazzer is a better CEW and they don't require us to shell out $4700 per weapon like the competitor does.


What people say?

The Phazzer line is amazing. They have better safety features like the static guard (to prevent misfires) and the automatic shutoff mechanism (to prevent deaths). They, also, have a better look and feel. i


What people say?

The dart spread is closer on the Phazzer, making it more likely to hit its target


What people say?

I have the original version before they stopped selling them. Great product. I have the electric charge tip and the pepper spray ball cartridges. I bought a couple at a gun show years ago. Still holds charge well and offers an effective current when the cartridge is absent. High quality product.

Kraig G.

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Phazzer is providing a new dart cartridge
Terrance Walker | 10 July
After the Phazzer line was enjoined from sale or production in federal court in July 2017, Phazzer relaunches a new design for its dart cartridges.
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Taser drops patent infringement claim against Phazzer IP licencees
Terrance Walker | 26 September
Taser (Axon) fails in trying to shut down Phazzer licencees with a bogus suit aimed at supposed infringement of its dart cartridge patent in U.S. District Court of Florida (middle District). After Axon discovered Phazzer IP was a co-owner and assignee of the patent (7,444,939), Axon was forced to dismiss the claims
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Phazzer is back
Terrance Walker | 15 Oct
After a long hiatus, the Phazzer is back. The single-shot Taser patent of Axon expired Oct. 14, 2019 and the CEW market is now fair game for Phazzer.
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